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Poem - "Climate Change"

By Bruce Barbour with assistance of ChatGPT - February 2023

The genesis of this poem is that I was playing around with ChatGPT on 19 February 2023 asking it a few questions on the solutions to climate change. I wanted to see whether it could come up with anything different or new. It didn't but still it gave a reasonable coverage.

As part of that "discussion" I requested that it come up with a poem about acting to fix climate change. What it came back with I thought was quite good. You can judge for yourself whether that is correct or not by reading the poem.  However there was one line that didn't quite work so I rewrote that one line. And I added another verse - guess which one.

The modified poem is provided below.

(You want a song instead? See below the poem.)

* * * * * * * *

Climate Change

The world is changing, can't you see?
The climate's shifting, it's plain to me,
We need to act, and act right now,
To save the planet, to make it proud.

The ice is melting, the seas will rise,
The storms are stronger, it's no surprise,
The heat is scorching, the air is thick,
We need to act, it's time to pick.

Pick up the pace, pick up the fight,
Pick up the torch, and make it bright,
For climate change is not a myth,
It's here, it's real, it's time to fix.

The time is now, let's not delay,
Let's work together, day by day,
Governments and people, hand in hand,
To heal the planet, to make a stand.

Fossil fuels, let's shut them out,
They are killing our planet, without a doubt,
There are alternatives to them all,
No pollution, no waste, we mustnít stall.

Invest in green, reduce the waste,
Renewable energy put in place,
For every action, big or small,
Can make a difference, can change it all.

The world is ours, it's in our care,
Let's act today, let's be aware,
For the future of our world is bright,
When we work together, for what is right.

* * * * *

OK. You have got this far.

The poem seems to work alright as lyrics for a song to the tune of Greensleeves. Try it out if you like. There is a simple music file on the Wikipedia page - linked above. However it is only long enough for four verses. Other tunes may also work e.g. Gilligan's Island, Advance Australia Fair and probably others - but would need more work.

The poem may need a bit of tweaking to work 100% - to get the chorus and verse thing going. And it   should be sung faster than the Greensleeves melody is normally played.

I have always said the climate change protests lack a good protest song. (I am certainly not suggesting that this poem/song is it!) All effective protest movements have good songs. The Vietnam war moratorium protests had a couple. Who can forget "1, 2, 3 what are we fighting for. Don't know, I don't give a damn, next stop is Viet Nam." etc.

A while back I did a search on YouTube for songs about climate change and the environment - here are the best I could find. A lot are old, and some aren't about climate change, rather general environmental issues.

* * * * *

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